We rely 100% on your donations and 100% of what you donate goes direct to the horses.

Emergency vet care and vet care full stop simply would not be an option for these horses if it were not for us. They belong to the poorest in the community and they rely on them heavily, even though this is the case they do not have the funds to pay for vet care and replacing the animal is often the cheapest option.

At the moment we cannot change their culture or the fact they rely on the horses so heavily but what we can do is provide food they do nit otherwise get, better fitting equipment, worming, farrier care, dentistry, all forms of care that will make these horses difficult days just that little more bearable.

We cannot do this alone, we need you to help us fund this. You enable us to continue to help these forgotten horses.

They have given and do give us humans so much, isn’t it time we gave something back?

Your Money

How Your Money Helps

As we give direct to source every single penny you donate will go direct to making horses lives that little easier. It is critical care  in some cases, if we don’t provide, the horses don’t get treated or fed.

Your money also goes towards the vets going out into the community to check over the horses, and perhaps find new horses and build relationships with the villagers to allow them to have their horse apart of our programme of care  this costs in terms of travel expenses, but the horses cannot get to us so we have to go to them.

It also pays for the vet’s time to administer much needed vet care for these horses. It will help buy medical equipment to help heal their sores, worm them, and provide pain relief (all forms of medication required to keep a horse as pain free as possible).

Your money will also help us fund campaigns for projects we are working on in the UK  the main focus being issues with overbreeding of Thoroughbred horses directly related to the racing industry.

Every penny will go directly to helping horses both in the UK and Romania.

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£30 – Footprints of Joy

You can treat a horse to 1 month of luxury at the Footprints of Joy with food and stables.

£100 – Veterinary Care

You can provide an equine vet, driver and their travel costs for a day of outreach.

They will visit villages, asses neglected horses and care for our horses with basic veterinary assistance.

£300 – Incineration

A sad truth.
When a horse passes away, their body needs appropriate disposal.

£4 – Food

You can provide a whole bale of hay to feed a neglected horse for about 1 week.

Your Time

How Your Time Helps

We understand that so many of you will want to directly help these forgotten horses and sometimes you don’t have enough money to donate, or you feel you have certain skills which would be far more effective in helping these horses.

We will be arranging trips to go to Romania where you can volunteer to help with the outreach programme. This could just be educational, but if you have particular skills, then of course they will very much be put to good use and will be invaluable to the programme and the horses.

What We Need Help With

  • Re-location
  • Administering medication
  • Assessing
  • Administration

Give Your Time Today

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Your Equipment

How Your Equipment Helps

We run collections where we gather up as much equipment as we can and then dispatch everything to our associated charities in Romania.

We desperately need bits, head collars, lead ropes and outdoor rugs  any size, any condition.

These horses have nothing, so what we may think is old and useless, will be a lot better than make-shift bits, ill-fitting head collars and no rug at all.

Can you run local collections? This will help immensely and we can coordinate collection from you in order for us to get this equipment out to Romania where it really is needed.

Urgent Equipment We Need

  • Bits
  • Head collars
  • Lead ropes
  • Outdoor rugs

Any size, any condition

Give Your Equipment Today

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What We Are Working On

These project are our main focus of attention. We rely 100% on your donations and 100% of what you donate goes direct to the horses.