Our partners

We are currently supporting the amazing footprints of joy which is the horse section at Save the Dogs and other Animals.

The founder of Cherry Horse Welfare personally supports dog projects through The Dog Rose and we are hoping to expand the horse out reach programme to function from there as well.

We want to reach as many horses as possible. To do this we know we need to expand and collaborate with as many vets and shelters that are functioning in Romania already.

Save the Dogs and other Animals

Save the Dogs and other Animals was born to give an answer to the plight of stray dogs in Romania, where since 2001 thousands of animals are being brutally destroyed each year by the authorities.

Footprints of Joy

Human and animal tracks meet on this imaginary line and walk into a space entirely dedicated to their wellbeing.

The Dog Rose

The Dog Rose is a new kind of animal shelter which brings dogs and children together in a beautiful park. Love is the essence of the project.

Are you able to partner with us to help our cause?